Find Your Threats
Before Bad Actors Do


Today’s cyber threat-scape is persistent in nature and quickly outpaces security models. Businesses need more adaptive, contextually intelligent, responsive, security solutions.

We deliver a spectrum of proactive and adversary focused routines, simulations and services designed to constantly challenge cyber defences and control regimes of our customer’s digital assets.

We are focused on discovering intelligence on threat actors and enablers in good time before bad actors do.


Threat Intelligence And Hunting

With today’s persistent and evolving threat-scape, enterprise IT security teams cannot keep up with threat analysis of emerging threats on their own.

We provide perpetual insights on emerging threats, threat vectors, attacker techniques and effective ways of aligning defences.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing offering leverages a conceptual cyber kill chain approach to unearth exploitable vulnerabilities in customer systems and networks.

The delivery is designed to discover, weaponize and exploit vulnerabilities as bad actors would.

We deliver a demonstrable measure of exposure the organization should be concerned about and effective interventions.


Red Teaming And Attack Simulations

We challenge the efficacy of your security program by benchmarking your current security posture against a determined threat model, providing insights into the steps an attacker would take to compromise your organisation.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses in your technical security controls with bespoke skills.

This service is different from penetration testing, as it involves active persistence and re-aligning against detection and response in a mimic of a real- life scenario.