Evidence That
Settles Arguments


Digital evidence features in just about every part of our personal and business lives today. Legal and business decisions hinge on having timely data about what people have actually done.



Breaches and unethical occurrences are inevitable in today’s persistent cyber-threat-scape.

Our Digital Forensics proposition brings your way the expertise and tooling that answers often asked questions;

Who? How? When? What? And possibly Why? , with due consideration to legal requirements and objectives

Forensic Formatting

Securely erasing your data prevents instances of accidental data leakage or unauthorized disclosure.

We provide forensic formatting of computing assets to eliminate the risk of information disclosure from decommissioned assets.

The benefits to the customer include:

  • - Compliance with regulatory or legal requirements
  • - Being able to recycle computing assets (cost savings)
  • - Protect sensitive data

Readiness Audits

Information assets are NEVER forensic ready "out of the box".

This often results in expensive investigations for organizations or failing to recover content of evidentiary value.

We assist our customers in defining forensics outcomes for their operations and making them an integral part of their system implementations

Compromise Analysis

Knowing whether your organization has already been breached is crucial to containing the exposure and preventing your organisation from experiencing persistent malicious activity.

We leverage our vast practice in investigating breaches, adversarial intelligence and leading industry tooling to identify ongoing or past attacker activity in your network