Drawing from our rich practice in leveraging technology to impact business imperatives, we are constantly engaged in disruptive ideation to create software driven innovations that transform business and the social economic transformation journey of Africa:


Our market ready software SOLUTIONS include:

ClearView is an online learning management platform that delivers an interactive learning experience for the users in a collaborative and secure environment. The platform eliminates the geographical encumbrances typical to Africa's education landscape that even heightened with the advent of COVID-19. ClearView’s proposition includes;

  • Built to make teaching and learning accessible and possible anywhere across the education spectrum; university, tertiary, secondary and primary.
  • Enabling work place teaching and learning use case (workshops)
  • Enabling community teaching and learning use case
  • Highly customisable to respond to unique teaching and learning requirements
  • Responsive to any device

PolicyPlus is a health insurance management system. The system brings transparency and operational efficiency that reduces the overhead of medical claims handling; The system completely digitizes the claims process and presents with the following features;

  • Actuarial advisory
  • Member management
  • Package management
  • Policy management
  • Scheme management
  • Claims management
  • Invoice management
  • Anti-fraud

CAUCUS- is a robust online collaboration platform built to meet today’s heightened need for access channels that enable secure ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ access demands to the work place and meeting engagements of all types in the safety of distance for participants.