Cybersecurity Resilience At An
Optimised Operational Overhead

Managed Security

Access premium security while minimising the complexity and operational overheads of fighting cyber threats.

Benefits of Our Managed
Security Services

Access to premium security talent that shrinks your workload and and overheads

Derive actionable insights from the portfolio of deployed security products and solutions

Validated and actionable insights on threats with no false positives.

Improved resilience from specific advisory and support on remedial interventions.

Output centric investment in security rather than technology focused expenditure


Security Products As A Service

The high cost of ownership and complexities in successfully deploying, configuring, and then performing the daily management and monitoring of traffic generated by firewalls, SIEMs and several threat monitoring solutions, is often overwhelming for organisations.

Our customers can enjoy the premium threat monitoring service without the encumbrance of capex and complex operational overheads of internal processes.

Managed Detection And Response

This spectrum of services and products are designed to assist customers detect, investigate, contain and remediate incidents quickly. This minimizes impact and helps resume normal operations considering business time and recovery point objectives


Security Talent As a Service

Cybersecurity technologies are only as strong as the people manning them. When up against cyber threats, you need human talent to provide adaptive mitigation and containment solutions. Through this service, our end to end security of expertise from an analyst to the board room is available to our customers as a service.